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Optimum Tech Soft, is a software consulting and hardware company that has established a niche in high end technical consulting and software development. At Optimum Tech Soft we know how businesses differ from one another. We take our clients' issues, challenges, market conditions, operations, and goals into consideration and build a suitable business solution.

Our IT service Offers the Benefits You Expect: :

Guarantees Your Systems are developed quickly and supports them to enable your business running 24 by 7.
We have an excellent support team to layout the networking and application infrastructure. We support your staff online and also onsite.
Provides Advice on Strategic IT Decisions to help ensure you keep your IT solutions in-line with your operational needs and one step ahead of your business growth plans. Saves You Money by providing excellent Quality standards to avoid any disruption of applications.











We have developed two products for middle-level organizations:

1. OptiCompCellDuo: This is a software product developed in PowerBuilder catering for emerging middle level computer hardware, cell phone shops and service centers. It contains comprehensive sales and inventory module. Plus it has a very effective Service Tracking and Resolution module.

2. OptiFreight: This is a J2EE based solution targeting Freight Forwarding agents in India. It is very useful to keep track of the freight load. It has advanced features for calculating the Weight/Load/Price and track daily transactions. This is very easily customizable too.